Grandma’s Secret Recipe

The secret to making your business unique & priceless is Grandma’s Secret Recipe.

This was a concept I thought I had conjured in my head, until it was validated by the blog and book,

In a nutshell the concept is this.

All businesses in a market segment have the same ingredients.

The differentiation comes with focus and increased elements in certain aspects.

So one may focus on sales, another on product development, another design, you get the drift.

And this becomes what we call the unique selling point. (USP)

But still there is always that secret recipe,Grandmas Secret Recipe, that always is the secret sauce to an organisations success trail.

A clear and timeless example is the mystical Coke recipe. Everyone has heard of and been told the tale of how Cokes recipe for Coca Cola is a secret that has been handed down through the ages and guarded forever.

For Google it is their search algorithms that is tauted as their secret IP and recipe.

Think about Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, all these companies lay claim to some secret algorithm, criteria, strategy, that is their secret recipe to success, which is what gets them their stellar valuations.

Whether this recipe even exists or not is not a factor. 

For you and your business to succeed and gain in valuation, you must have a component of your ingredient which is the mystical chemical X, which brings the magic to your business and that results in the results you have been having.

For some its in the service delivery that the chemical x is, some is in how the algorithms they use for customer categorisation, some it is in the pricing engine.

All in all they have this in common, a chemical x in the recipe that adds stellar value to the concept.

The book explains this concept in deep detail, but my summary is this:

For your business to gain in value,you must have, and always be seen to have and own intellectual property that is secret and exclusive that keeps the business going and gives it stellar value, whether it is real or not.

The book is available for free download on

The Things We Say

Were,that we would lead lives with things said & done.

I was walking hurriedly to catch up to two lady friends. Well. More like friendly acquaintances,but one of them, I have always said to myself,is my close friend.

They were up ahead and headed to the club. Funny thing is, one does not drink,but I say to myself that the reason she goes out is she loves having company.

The other,my friend, was deep in a juicy personal story about her escapades and both were giggling like teenagers by the time I caught up.

The fact was,that even though I say to myself we are friends,there are things she would never say, say, said juicy story, and I was delighted at having a glimpse of this side I had always been interested in, but always told myself we could never talk about.

Isn’t that a Pandora’s Box situation right there?do I really want to say things about myself as well?

In any case the giggles cascaded and the story subtly muted as I came astride.

I walked quietly and said to myself that from my glances,they would notice my belated interest in the said story; And much too late I chuckled enthusiastically and said…”what was that about…” when we were drawing up to the club,but alas, the conversation had turned to lighter subjects.

This is an exclusive place, I said to myself.

We ran up the stairs past the garcon,straight to the security draw bridge.

I went up to the lady and asked for admission. My ladies walked by and said…Hey,just come. As they giggled and walked on confidently.
Maybe its free for ladies? I said to myself.

My uncertainities had tied me in by then,and my company was inside. Two beautiful ladies,these places always let the pretty ones in for free,eye candy,I said to myself.

The lady said…” Imejaaa”. And looked on laconically. There isn’t more to be said, I said to myself.
Said I, “Hatuwezi jaribu tu, my friends are in there. At least let me tell them.”
“No. Si uko na simu,wapigie!”,Said she.

The delight of happenstance.

The manager of the club happened to be walking out. Do not ask me how I knew he was the manager, I knew. So I got his attention and sought entry.

As happens in such places,there was a pile up of waiting humans behind me,who couldn’t understand what the issue was.

All Mr.Manager did was pick up his phone and muttered in the general direction of me,the watchwoman and the queue …” Kuna wazungu ndani” as he walked away.

Those mutters may have been “kuna watu wengi ndani” I said to myself. He couldn’t possibly in this day and age of furore over The Chinese Restaurant,Caramel and Art Cafe still have just added his spot to the list of racist establishments?

Well whatever he did say,because he couldn’t possibly have said what I heard him say,I said to myself,my fate is sealed.

I texted the girls that I was gonna headout, and I would see them in the morrow.

This story is filled with the following barriers to living full lives:
1.Things we say to ourselves inside
2.Things we think others are saying to us
3. Things we don’t say.

So many turns in this story are determined by things unsaid,words unspoken,meanings misunderstood,presumptions made.

Were,that we would lead lives with things said & done.

Karen Richards: I do not know;and I’m content

Karen Richards
10 February 2011 at 23:01 ·
Be like a rudderless ship on calm ocean with a full sail. Embrace the mystery that is life itself, content in the uncertainty of not knowing. An unseen guide directs your course, speaking to the heart through a steady and endless flow of inspiration. Listen, allow, trust, act….all is well

And When Its Not?

Originally posted on Javmode:

How am I to journey when its not?

I speak of life and never of dearth… of what is, has and hardly what is not.

To reconcile what is not, fails me;it is beyond substance, it goes against plans,goals,dreams,idle wishes,desires,lusts.

What is not mercilessly crushes my idea of future past. Yet absence claims an intangible…other state.

…without considering what is not, I walk a tightrope as though a highway. I walk with great purpose…Even as I walk into the dark.

How,am I to journey?

Am I ruled by Time, or Action?

The former goes without me, the latter, even when I choose not to act,is an equal course of action.

Time blurs as it rolls by,as I plough through, daily to,wherever I am going to.

And memories darken.

And action pushes for immediate jarring activity to regress or progress new pathways.

They collude against me, time and action,action within time.

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I don’t trust our sources

Trees did not die for this.

100 year old redwoods,hectares of cypress, enslaved in a system to serve an unwilling reader.

I don’t trust our sources.

They seem guided by those hands that steer the record of history,horses led down paths toward meaningless snack cafes that delay the journey.

Before I put the cart before the horse, i respect the fifth estate. Men and women who have given their lives to chasing down stories, shaping opinion and essentially determining what the voice of the nation is.It is a huge responsibility,what a yoke to put on!

Yearning for truth and getting hurt over the years leaves consumers scarred and wary. We’re unwilling to listen to things for what they are,and are looking out for memes in the stories to fit in the trends and patterns that we’ve been trained to expect.

We now like our food a certain way and anything different tastes bad. Worse still,we want it packaged in a certain way. It’s true value and meaning no longer matters.

I’m wary of anything I hear or read. Music, books, news, TV shows, radio. My ears are open but my soul is guarded. Because I don’t trust our sources. When shall we have true Press freedom?

And if there are more like me in this cart, you know exactly what I mean, should we jump out?

No M word was used in the writing of this post

I write in December.

Thank WordPress for Analytics.

I just noted that over the many years of this blog, my writing and the creation of spinoff blogs always occurs in December.

My most popular content was always written in this season.

I take this to mean that I am making time to write, that I get into the loop of focus and give this very little time.

Will this realization and admission change things?

Let’s see.

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Smart AKA Being Smart in A Dumb World

It’s not your fault you are smart.

After all you just followed the rule book that you found when you first heard of reading and writing.

While everyone else was being dumb and stupid, your face was stuck in a book.

While the rest were gazing outside the window daydreaming you tapped into the fount of knowledge and followed the stream into the rivers and the lakes you are now used to.

And now that things are a bit settled and no rapids are afoot, you feel like chasing waterfalls.

And you feel guilty about all those times you turned down the chances to “live a little”.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about what’s going on out there. Most of that world? Its a fantasy. Totally fantastic.

Three quarter of “those people” are there to see and report what they saw while the other quarter are there to be seen.

And that’s why people like YOU invent Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Vine,Tumblr,and a myriad other tools for these filthy mortals.

Recognize that their “world” is a creation of minds like yours. Thus when faced with the quagmire of entering such morass, create a suitable persona…make it fun, it’s like the movie Gone Girl but with happier events and happenings.

All the characters you read about all these years? This is the moment they’ve been waiting for, let them breathe and walk the earth.

And if some earthy types ever challenge the veracity of your personality, make the question existential and draw them into the black hole of their own paltry existence.

It’s not your fault you’re smart and the rest of the world so dumb.

A Mutual Calling

This little story on Reader’s Digest,so sweet, so gentle, so true. Couldn’t help but repost and share.

by Lauren Belski, New York, New York

Brian and I have been married three years, but we’ve been together ten. We met as AmeriCorps volunteers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Porcupine, South Dakota—a tucked-away place with a scattered population of 1,000. He taught computers and played guitar. I taught English and wrote poetry. In the volunteer house, we courted each other by making a phone out of tin cans and a string. I still remember his voice in my ear. Automatic goose bumps. A year later, our mothers discovered we were born in the same hospital in New Jersey, 1,600 miles away.

Picking the Perfect Videogame

Now Listen If You Can

Of Women, Weddings & Cars



Originally posted on Javmode:

I don’t know what it is with women and cars.

I have a pal whose female workmates are at his desk each morning to say hello and pay homage to his car keys.

If you are a strong wealthy independent Kenyan woman please. Please don’t catch feelings. This is not about you. Just smile quietly to yourself as you recall how things once used to be.

It is about the enormous power and hold the young and upwardly mobile men of Nairobi have over eager, young women.

These Kiamburing racing,Motorbike riding,golf club swinging,credit card wielding,coasto flying men with seemingly limitless bank.

It is also a descriptor for all those masufferer wa mungu, all those undecided,javing men out there.

Go right now to NIC bank, be a man and get yourself a car loan.

The lady is fine. She’s young, trendy,uppity, composed and looks like she does a loose Caramel lounge…

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Originally posted on Penseli:


WARNING: Please do not continue if you;

  1. begin sentences with “Me I went to school…”, “You you don’t know…”
  2. believe that proper English isn’t important.
  3. Think that “Otherwise?” is an acceptable form of greeting.
  4. don’t have a sense of humour.

It’s common to use too many words that mean nothing in a bid to appear sophisticated  or educated. Here’s a brief guide on a few phrases that we always thought were correct; especially since the computer’s grammar check is usually too polite to point them out.

  • Add an additional: Subtract a subtractional?
  • Added bonus: You might as well say, ‘bonus2’.
  • Ask a question: What else do you surely expect me to ask, the answer?Thank you
  • ATM machine: Does Automated Teller Machine ring a bell?
  • Come again?: Do you seriously want me to return to the beginning of my journey and make my way towards you…

View original 267 more words cloud provider switch is delayed till next year

Microsoft HealthVault would have been an excellent provider of Cloud Healthcare for the US government.

Where He Would Be Had He Not Met Michelle

Bill & Balmer : Microsoft Fun Times

My Next Phone, And Why Its Different From The iPhone



English: One Laptop per Child at Kagugu Primar...




One Laptop Per Child is a beautiful ideal. But I have come to BELIEVE that there are more fundamental needs in Africa than juvenile computing.

Before pinning me down with evidence of seemingly functional laptop projects, I would like to clarify that I have had experience with ICTs for Education, and have had the spiritual pleasure of evangelizing technology for education. At some point my job description was “I.T Evangelist”.  Picture John The Revelator, but holding an iPad preaching chips and bytes and  the depths of cyberspace.


English: Logo of One Laptop per Child

English: Logo of One Laptop per Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I recall a moving treatise by Hon. Bitange Ndemo regarding The One-Laptop-Per Child Project, the cusp of which was were 10,000 computer geniuses emergent from 1 Million children where no hope resided before, then the whole project succeeds.





I, at the time, vehemently agreed with this mantra, knowing a great many people who were fortunately exposed to computers at an early age and this edge drove them to their current being;leaders in the Information Technology industry in Kenya. My position then, (and not so long ago, as the crow flies) was that, however abhorrent the corruption,however colossal the funds,however unsustainable, it was worth the illumination of 10,000 Kenyan Vint Cerfs,Elon Musks, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidts.

For Africa, a dark continent as it were, to be illuminated even for a moment would serve a beacon of hope, food to the mind, vision of more, to a people who’s minds have been dulled and numbed by circumstance.

The story below is a FailureFaire jewel, an example of the extreme failure of a laptop project in a first world scenario.

Here is the story.

 Why Hoboken is Throwing Away All of its Student Laptops

In juxtaposition one can only imagine how much worse things could go in a finance & Infrastructure  bereft Africa.

Only then did my mind descend to the Africa we are. And my thinking was that there were deeper and more profound things that African leaders can EASILY do to nurture these 10,000 minds than issue computers. There are deeper, more fundamental issues at hand and at stake, the very basic qualities of existence that are lacking in our society. I will not go into them, they are legion.

The story is told of Edward Bernays,a different kind of evangelist,the father of public relations,a brilliant product marketing genius and how he saved the Tobacco Industry and invented bacon and eggs. Amerikan Democracy


Bernays helped the smoking industry overcome one of the biggest social taboos of all time: women smoking in public.Bernays staged the 1929 Easter parade in New York City, showing models holding lit Lucky Strike cigarettes, or “Torches of Freedom“. After the historic public event, women started lighting up more than ever before. It was through Bernays that women’s smoking habits started to become socially acceptable. Bernays created this event as news, which it was not. Bernays convinced industries that the news, not advertising, was the best medium to carry their message to an unsuspecting public.

Another of Bernays’s favorite techniques for manipulating public opinion was the indirect use of “third party authorities” to plead his clients’ causes. “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.” he said. In order to promote sales of bacon, for example, he conducted a survey of physicians and reported their recommendation that people eat heavy breakfasts. He sent the results of the survey to 5,000 physicians, along with publicity toutingbacon and eggs as an ideal heavy breakfast and superior for health to the then traditional breakfast of tea (or coffee) and toast.


I have come to BELIEVE,that the reason behind this “ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD” drive this decade, is that it is a Sales Model.

Laptops for Children is a conceptualized product meant to evangelize to the hopeful and offer new markets in hardware sales. All that has been changed is the model of selling the computers, slapping ideological ideals onto the back of the laptops and shipping them off to school districts.

I say, all the African leaders at the US Africa Summit should be prodded to implement fundamental infrastructural programs that will establish stability and growth heck, just life, for the targeted market population of Africa, who will surpass India and China in a few decades, lest the greed for the current market ensures the future shall not exist for this continent.

Take the cue from Bill Gates, who has arm twisted Warren Buffet into working toward a disease free Africa. These are the business leaders we deserve.

Africa is not poor. Money is made up.We are rich in raw materials, minerals, food and human resources, the majority of which consistently and constantly supplies the rest of the globe, which,as the crow flies, is supposed to mean we have a lot of money.

The hunger, financial poverty and joblessness is a result of those buying exploiting us, and those evangelizing us keeping all the profits.






App Recommendations: Productivity


+1 For Any.Do!

Originally posted on Consult the Couple:

Ironically, I waste a lot of time searching for the perfect productivity apps. Today, however, I am happy to report the fruits of my labor. What’s more, they’re FREE!

Any.DO made my post-it notes obsolete. This is, without contest, the best app for managing your to-do’s. With a clean, minimalistic layout, Any.DO does everything from setting deadlines for your tasks to categorizing them into a limitless number of folders. Any.DO also syncs to all your devices so you’re never at a lost for what’s to do next. Perhaps the best feature of all is the ability to sync to your Google calendar. With just one glimpse, I get to see the events I have scheduled as well as all the tasks I have ahead. This gives me a really good idea of whether I’d have enough time on any given day to finish my tasks. If I don’t, I can…

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Not So Long Ago…People Said Grace. Now They Instagram.

All Water is Blue…My Memoir of Scared and Sacred School Years

Originally posted on Bermy Girl Living in the Motherland:

All water is blue so sometimes it is hard to tell which water is trying to pull you into the undercurrent and which water is drifting you to safety.

I’ve never shared my school location or experiences in an interview. Most middle-age Bermudians argue over whether or not I went to Bermuda Institute or ‘The’ Berkeley Institute. I usually keep quiet while this takes place. Even when my books were released the newspapers wanted to know which school should get credit for my writing but on the topic I was silent. But there I was standing in front of politicians, friends, family and people that I didn’t know. My head was still swirling with jetlag and my body was still back in Nairobi. But here I was in Bermuda, in my small island about to share my story.


My close friends have heard the story before-children fasting, religious abuse, headaches while sitting…

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