As an apple fell from the tree branches, he sat under it, thinking. It came down, bounced on his head and much like the proverbial light bulb, an idea was wrought. And so the story is told that that is all the pain one Isaac Newton had to bear to formulate physics laws on gravity.

For some this would be too little, for others, too much. Does inspiration happen in an instant or is it wrought over time like oil deep in the belly of the earth? To a great extent both concepts ring true for though some things take time, others happen in a moment.

And yet, as it came to be, Newton’s third law of motion holds that a body in motion will continue moving in a particular direction unless stopped by an opposing force or slowed by friction. Simply put if you are going down one road, all factors held constant, unless an opposing or external force acts against you, you will keep going in the direction that you are headed and eventually get to its destination.

At this point I would like you to pause and take a look at yourself, your life. In our lives, there are things we would like to do, aspirations, hopes, dreams. There are things we would like to change about ourselves, be it money, careers, love and relationships or merely a minor acquisition like a new toothbrush, the same rule applies without fail.

If you are headed in a particular direction in your career, all factors held constant, you will certainly get where you are going. Of course in life there are always factors beyond our control. You may call it luck, be it bad or good. Others call it the Hand of God guiding our destiny. But the truth of the matter is on the most part, it is up to man to choose his pain.

For Some pain, either small or great must be borne for man to achieve his intentions. For some it will take great tragedy. A person may have to lose his wife to discover her importance to him. For others still, a mere bright thought at dawn is sufficient. For either path, it is up to the person to choose. This moment of choice, is man’s loneliest moment, for in those seconds he holds his future in his hands.

The realization that change is necessary is not enough. One must push himself or herself in a particular direction to achieve it. One must change himself or herself or be changed involuntarily by events around him. As they say, the world still goes round and round….

Thus the pain may be light, like Newton’s apple or deep, but it is necessary. On the other hand, if you are happy with the direction you are headed to, then full speed ahead, take heart and keep heading to wherever you are going, you shall certainly get there, it is the law of the universe!


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