It seems to me that there is a thin line between love and work. Heck. Love is work. But what I mean here is in the sense of a job.

First, the interview. You heard about the opening from your friends and since you had been out of the game for a while, they took it upon themselves to find something suitable for you. It sounded quite like something you would do so they urged you to go for it. As you think about it, you are nervous, yet confident. As you think of the years of experience you have had, you believe you would be a good catch.

As you make your entrance, you are dressed to impress. Presentation matters and so do first impressions. You know that others want in as badly as you do and you tell yourself if it’s meant to be it will be. So your first “date” goes alright. You showed them the best side of you, saying exactly what you think they are looking for. You show off your achievements, fending off negative comments and questions like a master swordsman.

“So what happened to where you were, why did you leave?”

The question catches you a tad off guard but you handle it well… “We had different views on things. I wanted growth and a future when all I was being offered was redundancy, I could not stay on without any signs of development.” You pat yourself on the back; you showed maturity, focus and the ability to make tough decisions when called for. Plus you inadvertently stated that you were not desperate. You know how everyone hates desperation. So they tell you they will be in touch.

So you head out wondering whether you made an impression. You second guess yourself, considering how good the job is and whether the other applicants did better than you did. Then the unexpected happens, you are in! You cannot believe it, what did they see in you, you wonder… you are happy, elated, over the moon.

So you report on your first day full of vigor and vitality. (Pun so intended) you learn quickly on the job and satisfy them. Over time as week’s progress and as you put in the long hours, you sometimes step on each others toes, but bit by bit you learn to dance the perfect tango.

But as time goes by you begin seeing the cracks on the edifice. The perfect organization you thought you were getting into does not seem so perfect anymore. Begin seeing new sides of the corporation that you did not conceive you would have to deal with. The management team seems too demanding. You also feel unappreciated as you work overtime and this is considered normal. This too shall pass, you tell yourself, nothings perfect.

You keep at it until you feel enough is enough. But instead of lodging any complaints you decide to take action by inaction. So you gear down. When nothing happens, this becomes your routine and you get used to it. What’s the difference anyway? “I still get paid the same whether I work more or less, so less is more for me!”

Unknown to you, they are keeping tabs on you. They actually send you reminders and memos whence you gear up a bit, before pulling back to your laid back system of work.

After a while you begin noticing so and so are not talking to you, and you wonder why. And that new account was given to that new kid hired the other day when it normally would have been you. This nags you at the back of your mind but you give yourself excuses. Thy are probably thinking of bumping you up to management, so they don’t want to bother you with the small stuff.

Then you walk into your office and find that dreaded memo…” we regret to inform you…”

How could you not have seen it coming? Were you so blind? The signs you saw now suddenly make sense and you realize your folly.

You walk out angry and thumping your chest. Your chest is thumping alright, from both your heart and your fist. Just wait… one week and they will realize what an asset they lost. They will call me back. I’m irreplaceable. And I’m too good to be depressed.

What you don’t realize is that they can find another you in a minute… possibly less considering the number of people joining the workforce. You are merely a replaceable cog in the whole machine.

The wheel has gone full circle; you walk ahead into your life with the unchangeable and irreversible gem of experiences learnt.

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