Kwani Experience
Kwani Experience


SOOOOO….jana December 3rd 2008, was my virgin appearance at a KWANI? event.

This particular one was that ka one at Club Sound, where every first Wednesday of the month,they have what is called SLAM poetry andOPEN MIC sessions.

I was quite intrigued at the level of talent and creativity in the room. One that caught my eye with his pure passion and flow was Number 8 ( an ex-changerian…I gotta brag..) who ran away with the 6k on the table. The dude paints pictures with his tongue, his paintbrush;his ink his coloured words.He was pretty amazing.

But you know this would never be a Warero Blog without a bit of hating…Maze, the guys who mimic American spoken word word for word and ebonically…wananiBOOOOO! I mean please. 

  so you watched DEf Poetry.

That doesnt mean you have to copy all you heard from them! ama maybe its me, being a virgin and all, quite like Sex, the reality in spoken word poetry in Kenya is verey different from what I expected.

But all in all the organisation structure of the whole thing was on point.


This is definitely a topic I shall revisit.


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