This month’s Kwani! event at Club Sound was boring.

The Poets remain the same.

Its been one year since I was here and there is little change if any at all.

This time the MC was Cindy Ogina, who seems preety comfortable with that role and was easy on the MIC.

However the crowd was kind of slow initially, as the theme was Breast Cancer awareness.
The call was for a few in the crowd to jot down five lines on breasts. Of course five men got up.
This was interjected with periods of tales and poems from featured poets like Grandmaster Masese and Leon.

After peoples breasts had warmed up and guys had gotten comfortable with the place, there was a sudden rush of requests and Cindy had to shut down the number of poems from the public.

It was , as always, well attended.
My take is guys are still and always be interested in poetry.
The effect and power of the same in instilling positive change is however in doubt.


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