Teenage sex study shock for parents




If you have ever descended from your adult world and gone to earth, in this case being Westlands, or any other of the teenage bars for that matter this report would not be shocking to you.
Ati your daughter is at a christian camp for the weekend?
At a sleepover?
a sleepover of a different kind maybe…
We live in the chips funga era, where your daughter is the chips in reference herein.

Lets do some really basic arithmetic.

Or mathafu in their terms.

I will be a bit guarded and use safe, lower end figures, lest you die from shock.

Your sixteen year old daughter goes out twice a month. ( on the lower scale of things).

Each of those times, she gets chipsed ( take away, bebwad, hit ‘n ran, whatever  u wanna call it).

= 2 in a month

in a year that is 24 guys

in two years that is 48 and so on and so forth.

These are the same mamas who will come to you and tell you she has only been with thre guys since she lost her virginity.

this world,  I tell you.

For all ye parents, fear thee not…

Some of the baddest girls i have known have turned out just fine.


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