This post is for a friend who took  his life.

I do not mean to rub salt into raw wounds.

“These things that we,too soon forget collecting dust,spiderwebs,that grow and grow till there’s nothing left” 8stops7,Forget.

Thank God for the power to overcome.. .There is this movie where the star, a doctor, says he doesn’t call his patients by their names because when he knows their names he remembers them,and if he remembers each person he loses…
We all have had our share of bad experiences in this here life, from death,trauma to mere bad dreams.

Some events are those we must quickly remind ourselves to forget.
In my own movie of a life,  I have proudly overcome many things.

Were we inundated by the vivid memories of these, I hardly think we’d have the strength to live.
We almost forget the passing of those once close to us.their memory,a mere glimmer in a trickle of thought.

What we thought was indelible soon becomes a faint thread.
Ultimately,the memory,though faint,leaves us with the indelible scars of experience.
Embrace your forgetfulness. Embrace the power to overcome.

Its a gift.

The elephants envy us.


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