Of Knots and Ties

What is one meant to do to old ties?

I have very many ties in my closet. Don’t get me wrong. Every man does. Some are bright, others dull. Some ties always end up in my hands and on my neck and are well worn and worn well.

Whichever way I tie them,they look great ; so much so after a great day with one close to my chest, it sometimes hurts to unwind the knot..and you put it back in the closet knowing the next experience will be even better….

Others, I wonder how I got them in the first place.

And yet I still have the urge to get more ties. Each time I see a new one in a new design. I stop and wonder, hmmm…

Of course I have to consider, does it suit my suite of suits? Does it go with me,does it make everything brighter or tones it down. ( Depending on the circumstances, both are important, you know?)

Sometimes its just spontaneous, like” boom”: I saw one like this in GQ or with that CEO chap,so I find myself tied up in a tie that deep inside,I really dint want round me.

My problem is why we, as men are always seeking out new ties when we have a closetful of old ones.
When will they ever be enough?I don’t suppose they are meant to burnt?

It cost so much to get some one would rather keep them as decorative pieces.Some we keep of course, due to sentimental value, the memory attached to it,the thoughts that are tied to it.
And sometimes we do let go of the sentimental yackidyshmackidy. But the tie remains.

So the question still stands;
What am I to do to my old ties?

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