Twitter changed our everyday internet experience by allowing people to know everything we do in a simple series of daily status updates. However, one group is largely under represented on twitter and that is children. Which is strange seeing as children often have the most interesting and varied lives to update online.

Twitter knowing the importance of this demographic has announced the launch of its new twitter for kids, Kidder! Kidder will allow children to “kid” their status updates online at all times and keep us updated about their complex and interesting lives.

One child was quoted as kidding “Charlie bit me.” Another child was quoted saying ” I can wipe now.”

Some people are skeptical about a website that is virtually unusable by it’s target audience without the aid of an adult, but industry analysts say that this was a website waiting to happen. Robert Johnson a website prospector at the Institute for Safe Investments, says “Kidder is an advertisers dream, now we can get toy advertisements directly to the parents who’re the ones who have to use this crap anyway!”

Kidder will no doubt become an intricate part of every childs life and will work as an excellent supplement for KidSpace. Though that site recently had to close down after it was reveled that it had become nothing more than a clubhouse for pedophiles. Hopefully Kidder can avoid such problems.

I highly suggest kidder. You don’t want to miss what these crazy tots are doing.

Ok. so i am six days late for an April fools gag but I wrote this post on April 1st so it still counts, doesnt it? 😀



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