Sewage Flows Freely in Upper Hill

Sewage water flows freely in Nairobi’s upper hill area. This has been the situation in the last one week and it is getting worse.
A burst sewer lays its contents on the roads and culverts near geomaps building. The area,located in what journalists would call leafy suburbs is now a reeky suburb.
Reports have it that an assistant minister resides close by, with prominent civil service residences next.
A series of flats said to be owned by a Very Powerful member of government stands adjacent.
We do hope the Nairobi City Council reads blogs since they do not seem to heed phonecalls…..

2 thoughts on “Sewage Flows Freely in Upper Hill

  1. But you, an implementer, has read it you see? The system always spills over, especially in the rainy season. I was told the spillage is from the sewerage system in Kenyatta hospital, so you can imagine the level of severity in terms of exposure to disease.

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