Sewage Flows Freely in Upper Hill

Sewage water flows freely in Nairobi’s upper hill area. This has been the situation in the last one week and it is getting worse.
A burst sewer lays its contents on the roads and culverts near geomaps building. The area,located in what journalists would call leafy suburbs is now a reeky suburb.
Reports have it that an assistant minister resides close by, with prominent civil service residences next.
A series of flats said to be owned by a Very Powerful member of government stands adjacent.
We do hope the Nairobi City Council reads blogs since they do not seem to heed phonecalls…..


2 thoughts on “Sewage Flows Freely in Upper Hill

  1. Ha ha, wishful thinking for you to imagine NCC can read blogs. Is the sewer done or it is still a mess? We have planning problems where we change zoning rules to allow denser developments without upgrading infrastructure. We are in Kenya. Read my blog, and see what is coming up in Upper Hill.

  2. But you, an implementer, has read it you see? The system always spills over, especially in the rainy season. I was told the spillage is from the sewerage system in Kenyatta hospital, so you can imagine the level of severity in terms of exposure to disease.

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