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Microsoft did a good job in the inclusion of Windows Live Writer in the windows Live package.

The Windows Live Writer allows one to blog into ones space in the net. By space I do not mean exclusively Windows Live Spaces to which it does link into, but any space into which one wishes to write  into and not limited to, Blogger, wordpress,  Tumblr,etc.

You need internet access when setting up your blog for it to link to it. A cool feature that it picks up from then is the look and feel of your blog page as you last set up at the time of last linkage.

One feels as if you are writing directly into ones web page in real time.

A control+S does a quick save, and creates a draft.

The unified seamless communication of Microsoft solutions also come into play, with the tabs at the top taking on the standard tabs and features of MS Word.

On the right pane are additional links to your blog or ones series of blogs.

Further, you may as is standard, insert hyperlinks, pictures,photo albums,tables, maps, tags and videos. If this is not enough for you, you may also insert a plug-in of your choice.

Yet another cool feature is the “set publish date” feature at the bottom, which is very important for any pro-blogger. This allows you to work at once on multiple articles and release them intermittently over a specific period of time. Just dont mess with your computer’s time and date features.

Also standard is the set categories and set tags features, which are key for the organization of ones blogs.

On the bottom right is an edit tab,preview tab and source tab.

the Edit allows you to edit your page.

The Preview tab does magic. It ports you into a preview of the exact way your blog would look like at  point of publishing.

For the technical blogger, the source tab reveals the html code allowing you to edit the contents of the page in lines of code.

What I would criticize this solution on is not at first glance seamlessly integrating the option to share into present day popular social media. Granted, what is popular today may not be popular in five years and for this solution to have market longevity, the outlook has to be long term,hence the “add a plug-in” link. However, key to any internet based communication, immediate sharing into sites such as Facebook and Twitter who will definitely still be here five years from now (We hope…or will they dwindle away like myspace and friendfeed?)

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