8 Keys to Loving Your Life Right Now

8 Keys to Loving Your Life Right Now

1. You can have anything that you want, but you can’t have everything that you want. Concentrate your power on changing those things that matter most to you. Relax about everything else. Appreciate them as they are.

2. On any given day trillions of things go right, and only a small fraction go ‘wrong’. Trillions of sun beams fall upon the earth where billions of plants happily turn them into energy to prepare oxygen, tens of thousands of people around the world do their jobs to take the plants and other materials to prepare food, clothes and other things for you. They test, write directions, package and ship goods thousands of miles, put them on shelves and follow the rules of commerce and money exchange to let you buy them. As you travel to the store, most of the people you pass follow the rules to give you a safe journey. And when you sit down to enjoy a meal, trillions of cells in your body work together to allow you to move the food to your mouth, chew, enjoy the taste, smell the aromas, and process the food into all the new cells your body needs. You can go on for hours listing all the intricate details which worked well. So why get obsessed about the few things that didn’t go exactly like you wanted them to today!?

3. Practice Non-Attachment. This basic principal of Buddhism used to seem like giving up on life to me. Then I finally came to understand it in a much more practical sense. You can have high intention for a goal, but be non-attached to the outcome. In other words, you’re emotions aren’t tied to what happens. You won’t be devastated if you don’t get the exact outcome you were after.

4. Don’t Judge. Basically, this means stop bothering yourself with how other people are behaving. The fact is there are almost no agreed upon, universal rules about how people should act these days. So you can’t constantly be outraged that people aren’t following your specific set of rules! Especially if you’ve never communicated those rules to that person. It’s just wasted energy. Let people follow their own path in life. Instead be curious about how they view the world, be entertained by the color they add to your experience, be thankful you’ve got something different and interesting to observe. Give up controlling others, send love instead, and find your life becoming more peaceful.

5. Surrender to what is. The worst suffering comes when you just refuse to accept the world as it is. It’s amazing how often we do this. Just surrender to the world as it is, then begin to work to make things better.

6. Imperfection is perfect. Image a book that began “And they lived happily ever after.” Imagine a movie where the lead actor has a perfect life and nothing bad ever happens. You’d be bored stiff! All the challenges and ‘imperfections’ in life are actually what make life worth living. If life were ‘perfect’ we’d have to invent problems just to entertain ourselves. Enjoy and celebrate the challenges, imperfections and annoyances that come up. If you think “we’ll laugh at this some day”, laugh at it now! Look at challenges as entertaining adventures, a heroes’ quest that will teach you something about yourself and life.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff – It’s all small stuff. The whole mental game here, is expanding what you consider ’small stuff’.

8. In my world, nothing ever goes wrong – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. This is the highest level of understanding that the previous 7 points build up to. It leads to an incredible sense of peace in life, and frees enormous energy to passionately pursue your dreams and goals. Just imagine for a moment what if nothing really ever DOES go wrong. What if all the things that seem to be wrong are just opportunities to pit your creativity and passion against to grow from the challenge? What if it’s supposed to happen like that and it’s perfect that way?

Some of this will make sense to you, and some of it might seem like complete nonsense. Take what you can and let the rest just float over your mind and see if it makes sense some time in the future.


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