This is definitely a dynamic take on advertising.

For those of you who have no clue who “The Old Spice Man”  is, ( let alone what old spice is in the first place, )  check this out:

Now the latest developments on this very cool ad is the guy is talking and interacting with people.

As reported on Techcrunch’s post on the topic, the Man interacts with celebrities, earning himself (and the product in association) tons of followers and creating a buzz on the product.

The Man has literally crossed the line from fiction to reality, bringing back old memories of Roger Rabbit in the 1988 flick Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Anyway my point is the concept can be replicated by any organization that has a mascot headlining its advertising.

This mascot would interact with real people on facebook and twitter accounts.

In Kenya, two chaps immediately come to mind:

marangi matendechere


Played correctly, the guys could make a lot more money for their respective companies.

the flip side of it of course, is brand independence, in that the product should not lean too heavily on one icon so as to create difficulties in change management.

The control element of media marketing is what is in question and If you need to know more about that, read Emilia Akulenko’s Blog , an excellent post on Viral Media Outcomes.

A definite first in social media marketing in Kenya is the Makmende phenomenon, ( which now looks like an-attempt-to-make-a-killing-gone-bad scenario)  organic or engineered, who is to say….

I am however, very proud of one Rafikikenya. He has earned a Honorary Degree in Social Engineering from Warero University.

In my view, this blogger is the first blogger in East Africa to engineer social media, and surf and ride its wave the longest.

The key word here is CONTROL.

Surf tunnel

There is Rafiki, riding the Anne Kiguta and Miss Twitke waves .

There are people who claim that viral media cannot be controlled.

However, TED Fellow and Yahoo founder Seth Godin believes otherwise. Here are Five very insightful talks on Social Media Engineering by him and others.

In his book, Unleashing The Ideavirus , he outlines how to create a wave, and how to ride it, how to make its peak long, and how to exit.

Godin’s approach seeks to maximize the spread of information from customer to customer. The book provides the expected examples of successful ideavirus marketing, then develops a recipe for concocting your own ideaviruses.

In order to show how to make your idea infectious, the book examines what makes a powerful ‘sneezer’, how ‘hives’ work, and applies the concepts of critical velocity, vector, medium, smoothness, persistence, and amplifiers.

Download the free E- Book HERE


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