As i noted in a previous post, I have had the unfortunate opportunity of swimming the murky waters of the world wide web to her depths and back.

Well…this time, from a researchers perspective, and purely on a professional basis, I stuck my toe in again.

so here goes.

My perspective is from Kenya, which is Africa’s “where-its-at” spot in Mobile web.

In both instances, I received invites from close friends,to whom, after fervent considerations, decided to join once again in the Mobile Phone Chat Application world.


mXIT  is a free mobile application for instant messaging and communication. That is my lay mans definition. The guys over there describe it differently:

“MXit Xchange is a mobile classified ad service where active buyers and sellers connect.”

This simple description clearly outlines the company’s vision to be more than just another IM application.

I would not want to bore you with the ideological detail, that you can find at their website,


However, another solution challenged their domination:


I thought this was yet another mobile chat application app, and I was right.However, much like Snaptu, the focus is to integrate and build upon the users utilising other applications, in particular, Mxit Users and Facebook users.

“With 2go on your mobile, you can chat with all your friends, anywhere, anytime. It can also connect to other chat networks including MXiT, and Facebook Chat…”

Naughty, arent they? well, in this series I shall summarise my six month’s usage and interaction on both platforms and the prevalence in Nairobi.

Relax, its not a PHD thesis on New Media.

Its just a users perspective on the mobile web events around him.


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