Mxit Vs 2go: Prelude

Previously on Mxit Vs 2go…


The two chat applications permeating Kenyan phones were introduced.

The applications are a second wave of refined products that were in vogue two.. three years ago, the like of myGamma, Mig33 and others, spoken of in a previous post.

Being a commuting Kenyan, who frequently uses public transport, what I see and hear in the Matatu and buses are a realistic glimpse of the everyday.

I take the 40 minutes or two hours spent commuting as a clear and indicative survey of a cross-section of the urban and phonewielding Kenyan.

It is also indicative of the prevailing mobile usage habits.

As I write this on a one hour ride on a 40 seater bus, I have already heard a number of 2go and Mxit sounds, mine not counted.

Of course a large percentage are using the phone for SMS, with an even larger percentage spent on voice calls.

The fact that I have not failed to hear Mxit or 2go application sounds each time I am in public transport is quite impressive….

Who will win the war?

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