The past past few nights have been dogged with inability to access either my Mxit or 2go. This has caused my girlfriend and I some trouble, with those late night chats not happening and what not.

I am not sure whether it is my aging Blackberry Curve, which some have decided to dump and ditch for the new chick in town, Android, or is it more Safaricom/ Zain price wars?

Whichever the case i am sure there are some pretty dependent peeps out there on these apps, irrespective of call rates and messaging rates going down.

Another consideration is the fact that Mxit came in with the support of Safaricom, and with Bharti/Zain coming in big into the region, did they miscalculate on who to back in their entry?

Any way all these musings come with the inability to log on, with my Mxit hanging and forcing me to perform a Battery Pull ( When in Doubt, Pull it Out, the Blackberry Mantra goes…).

My 2go on the other hand runs the application, but tells me that I am unable to log onto the co.za servers.

On that note… IXP s ( internet Exchange Points), cant someone be an IXP for all these mobility apps in Kenya, to reduce the downtime on these bleedin apps?

Oh well…Back to SMS… Babes…Im sorry, cant chat tonight…hope we can exchange Mxit/2go faces tomorrow…


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