Time and Cash

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Forgive the abbrieved language, it is, after all a mobile post and as such abbreviations are mobilespeak.

Time is cash.

This is a statement that is made often. At most in the context of don’t waste time as ur wasting cash as one does so.

I had a recent clash with realite that edited the global perception of this adage.

The premise is simple.

One has time for what one values. Hence one has cash for what one values.
A clear indicator on whether an emploia values u or not is the cash he or she spends on u.
Does ur bettr half spend on u? How much? That’s their value of u.

Remember time and cash are ubiquitous.

With this rule of thumb replace all statements that have time with cash and vice versa and u will get some cool findings for urself.

Best of all. Reflect and look within urself, and u will see the things that u value in realitie are the things u spend cash and time on, and tis will define for u whether ur the right path or not.

William Warero, Esquire, is an IT Evangelist, Solutions Integrator and passionate about bringing change using knowledge via ICT.

E:wwarero@gmail.com, S:william.warero

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