Nokia in Africa: Distribution of Mobile Users.

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It is a fact that Nokia has Africa locked down, with the largest market footprint for both smartphones and dumb phones.

However their products are directed at different people so do not ask how come certain “good” phones are not in media advertisements.
From research I have conducted, this is the distributiion of Mobile Phone users in the region:

1. Dumb Phone Users
These users have no knowledge of, and care less for multimedia and collaboration. The most uses needed for phones for them are calls and a bit of sms.

Phones used are basic and monochrome. Providers target these with sms and voice products, like subscription sms services and 0900 number kind of voice services.

Some organisations and MVAR Mobile Value Added Resellers are getting creative in this sector, and reaping the most as this is where most of Africa is.

2. Progressive Urban User
This person is fad wowed. Each new phone with gadgets, clear AMOLED visuals, blue teeth, white teeth, red teeth, infra red, infra pink, infra green, facebook, Apps, games, MP3 and other wow features.

For this crowd, the wow and popular status of the phone matters more than functions.
That the phone looks good and has a name mentioned often in the media matters more than what it does, it is a statement.

This is where most Iphone sales, the new LG,Samsung, high end Nokia, S-Ericssons and current fad, Android based phones fall. Forget that Android is a platform like Windows or Simbian.

3. Discerning User
This is a small but significant number of people who know to precise detail what is needed in a phone.

In two groups the discerning user is either a corporate user or a geek. The geek wants a phone that he can ftp with, or do remote server connections, or tweek himself…the variables are numerous. This group is hard to please as questions are asked and comparisons made.

Infact were it not for the corporates therein, this lot would never be advertised to.

Problem is this lot has the cash to spend on a great product. Go into a geek forum and look at the recommendation given on the best smartphone. Trust me it is not the phone that is in the advertisement on rotation in media.

The second lot in this group is the corporate or enterprise user, who just wants Push email. To be honest, and on a direct search I conducted at Safaricom Shops, Orange and Zain, all recommend BlackBerries. RIM‘s BIS is superior to current offerings, and what I was told was configuring Push email on Android, Samsungs and Nokia would be Kujaribu and not a guarrantee that it would work.

Another told me straight up; these phones don’t push, its just a gimmick.

So there, that’s the real state of the mobile world.

William Warero, Esquire, is an IT Evangelist, Solutions Integrator and passionate about bringing change using knowledge via ICT., S:william.warero

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