Tablets Vs Smartphones

What defines the future of interactive communication?

Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Table...
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Shall it be defined with super small but super smart phones or shrunken supercomputers in a slim visual plate?

A tablet is simple to define…think of Moses rapelling down the mountain with the ten commandments.

On one hand he had his safe-line, hooked to his carrabina, using his crab claws and his firm loincloth harness.
( I just came back from scaling a cliff face in Mt. Kenya…)
I digress. What he had in his other hand were tablets.

The tablet is an interactive device defined with a large screen as its main feature and targeting e-books, video, internet and multimedia.
Smart phones are Smart Phones. What more need be told.

Q3 2010 is the season for introductions via several different providers to begin market Spin on their tablets.

Smartphone wars are complex and have no distinct winner, with different providers having different strengths.

What’s to be discussed here is the distant future…a decade or so. The concepts around this for example is the Firefox tablet, in which the designer conceptualises a virtual pad for writing and the tablet having almost all PC functions.

The odds are stacked in favour of a scale down approach, that of a tablet with smart phone features as opposed to the opposite.

William Warero, Esquire, is an IT Evangelist, Solutions Integrator and passionate about bringing change using knowledge via ICT., S:william.warero

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