2go vs Mxit- Episode 3: Mxit Exchange

MXit Dev Zone

The greatest cure for insomnia is to jump into a mobile chat room and talk to strangers, friends and strangers who have become friends.

This is what has been happening to me the last few weeks, like clockwork, at the stroke of 4am sharp, I find with disdain, this mind up and active.

Now, in better times such moments would be when one would pick up a book.

But since I am so attached to this phone, which hibernates beside this hand of mine…

And so I jumped into Mxit.  Mxit have monetized their application with advertising, managing to convince large organizations on their command on usage.

The splash page greets one with the favored ad.

I then move on to contacts. I have few people here, but the cool thing is Mxit, like Nimbuzz and Meebo, integrates into gmail,yahoo, hotmail,msn,icq, and other chat entities.

But this alone does not define the attributes of Mxit. The cooler bits are its games, like Chess, which one can challenge other Mxiters, or strangers. So the experience is not limited to just chat.

Mxit is also running a campaign where Samsung Champs are being dished out to people who increase the user base. This is an effort, to me, to decrease the exodus to 2go.

The main tabs are:
Info-Where Mxit update its members on new events, campaigns and the like.

Add Contact-Where one sends invites to other people asking them to join.

Gallery– A powerful feature, one can send ringtones, sound clips, record a voiceclip and send, store images and compressed videos, ans send to other Mxiters.

Joebanker– Mxits Exhange and billing section, where premium services are bought and sold using Mxit Moola.

Now since its integrated with Safaricom, one can use Safaricom credit to purchase Moola and use this for premium stuff…how cool! Other networks function on it too.

Tradepost– This is where its all supposed to go down, Mxit Exchange,Chat rooms, premium games… However, all the stuff here costs Moola, for example, chatting costs 2Moola per message. And the exchange rate is 150 Moola for 20 kshs.

Seems cheap but I better be chatting with Paris Hilton herself to fork out cash above the GpRS/Edge costs.

Besides, right under the tradepost is where the integration into other chat services like msn, gmail et al goes down, so its a hard call to ask one to purchase Moola to chat.

But in essence, Mxit is well thought out, a holistic and integrated application that due to its depth, will outlast other applications that are focused more on providing just an integrated chat platform.

William Warero, Esquire, is an IT Evangelist, Solutions Integrator and passionate about bringing change using knowledge via ICT.

E:wwarero@gmail.com, S:william.warero

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