Usher Raymond during a product launching.
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I love singing. Do not get me wrong, I am no Usher Raymond. Nor am I asian, but a little Karaoke every week is quite a pleasure for me.

Microsoft Songsmith is a little application developed by Microsoft Research Labs in Redmond for budding singers and Karaoke lovers.

The application takes any song sang into the PC mic, and instantly accompanies it with chords.

It is not a professional music production suite, but it sure is fun figuring out the chords to little song concepts one has thought about, or Michael Jackson’s “ What about us” (Forget about the fact that it is easier to search for such things..the pseudo-scientific method of figuring out the chords is a lot more fun).

What’s more is that you set the accompaniment style from Bluegrass, pop, reggae,inspirational,to jazz, in about ten different modes.

You also set the amount of “jazziness” of resultant chords and thus, dependent on how you slide the counter from one side to the other, the application creates chords that are more or less jazzy.

The solution is a trial version for six hours that the program runs. Its a joy to play  with, and you never  see the six hours go!

I  am still exploring the program so please check for updates on this.


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