SoundCloud Global Meetup Day Córdoba Argentina

About a year or so ago, my cousin, an artist in Denmark named Kai Vester posts a link on one of his mixes on Facebook.

They had then formed Unlimited Productions, which is described thus:

Unlimited Productions is a very talented new and unique Danish Pop/Hip-House group, consisting of Erik Nøddeboe. (Vocalist/producer) Kai Vester (Vocalist/producer) and Katrine Klein (singer). Their debut single is titled "Electricity" and we are excited about the future of this eclectic band. Buy on Itunes now;

Their music is Mastered by Gene Grimaldi (Lady Gaga, Akon).

Get your freebee here:

Ok. Thats about it on the shameless advertising. 🙂

At the time, for lack of bandwidth, I could not play the clip, but it was on something called SOUNDCLOUD.

Now, about a year or so later, and a couple of MBs more of data, I start looking at Facebook messages and links from people and notice something, is back through the back door in the name of SOUNDCLOUD!

Myspace was the place where artists had profiles and could express themselves to their fans, post concepts and outline new ideas.

Soundcloud takes a different stance, its all about the music. It starts out with a standard sign up module, with the option of signing up with Facebook Outh. This of course is targeted at the numbers.

Once this is done, you then record or upload your content. It does this pretty rapidly. You are given various options on management of your content, whether to have it public, private, or shared with a few. You are also asked if you would like to have a payment module to your music, which uses the standard paypal and other verified online payment gateways.

you can thereafter share your music with your friends on twitter, facebook and email.

The space is limited, and this can be added by paying for a premium account. However like most internet solutions the basic model is free.

It then allows you the gratification of having other sound cloud users to either listen or download the content, depending on the model you chose.

What is so cool about this website is how quick and easy to get on board and interact with other people on soundcloud, and share with your friends.


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