The realm of enterprise and personal productivity has become quite complex, with the most popular email integrating the use of online documents, instant messaging,tasks and scheduling for personal or team use, reminders on mail and to phone via sms, and integration with projects and meetings, and bookings for rooms.

The latest versions of Hotmail and Yahoo have even integrated social networks and IM.

Google with Google + attempt to integrate it all, with social networking, personal communication and productivity on Gmail, search, Document storage and collaboration on Google Docs, Feeds on Reader, and a host of other applications.

The greatest triumphant result of Google+ is the unmatched number of new gmail accounts the social network has created.

These services have made existence very challenging for startups that built specific productivity tools for personal or enterprise use.

Online Task management suites are built on the premise that email alone is too busy with activity and that ones tasks may get lost in the traffic and spam.

Thus they track your activities from wherever you are, on twitter, Facebook, Gmail,Iphone, Hotmail, desktop, email and others.

They provide aggregation accounts from which your reminders are put together, after which you select a mode to which the reminder will be sent .



Remember the Milk is a program that has been around for a while. Some time back, RTM was the de facto application for simple tasks, to dos and reminders.

The simple single note book reminder was very well done, with new notes note being detached from the rest of the screen aided their market penetration. Most other notepad applications ran on the general engine of Microsoft’s notepad or wordpad, with twists on the fonts and a few tweeks here and there.

RTM had a simple concept, a single white list with a cow at the top corner. You then write your to dos for today and tomorrow and the week ahead. After all its for simple to do’s , not a fully fledged calendar.

They tweeked this by creating a desktop application that fed into the online profile. They then integrated Ical to allow feeding into other calendaring applications like Outlook, Gcal for integration with Gmail and the mail calendar. Month after month they add different ways with which you can send your reminders into their database like Iphone, Ipad, and all the other fadgadgets of the day.

However with the rate of development and integration on all communication suites their relevance has fallen by the wayside.

So why then, is the new personal productivity startup, Producteev, able to raise eyebrows?


Producteev is an online task management portal. Apart from having the backing of a couple of the VC entities, (one of whom is I.O ventures who use Producteev forms for applications)


what would endear one to Producteev apart from the hype and the shiny new toy sensation, and make it an application that will be here for a while?



To be quite honest, in my interactions with both applications, RTM wins due to its simplicity. It works well and is built for simplicity.

On the other hand, Producteev offers team and solo editions, adding levels of complexity, which makes it seem like a minor pugilist attempting to fight with heavyweights like Microsoft Office 365,MS Projects,Lotus Notes. Moreover,even though you would like to utilise free team management of tasks, Google’s Gcal,Google Wave and Gdocs or Hotmail’s Calendar and Skydrive are by far more superior tools for team communication and project management.

Its amazing, even on Producteev’s Blog for why one should switch from RTM to Producteev, there are no concrete reasons.


My take is, whichever email suite you prefer to use,the productivity applications integrated therein today are by far superior to external applications.

For example, for both Gmail and Hotmail, the tools provided therein allow you to manage your tasks with reminders to phone via sms (to me this is the most efficient method of reminders).


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