Radio in Kenya Statistics

In the post, How Africa does Social media in corporate communications, we looked at how the corporate world and government take up new media.

Social media in the first world is based on the belief that

“…marketers, using traditional advertising, can no longer deliver credible messages. Only customers can!” ~Keith Bates

Company-consumer communications were weakened by internet because it is mainly global, fast, and digital.

However, not just any organisation can use viral marketing:

  • If your target consumer is everybody, usually it is when you use this technique.
  • If your products are accessible anywhere on the globe, then it is best to advertise this way.

But even then, these ideas may sometimes feel like mere hype.

We live in an Africa in which the people calling the shots look at new media and social media as toys for children and not for serious business.

It is important to know your target market, and ascertain that social media is a means to which one will reach ones audience.

In fact, most of the radio stations do not use social media at all. 

Why do I say this?


image Two of Nairobi’s most popular radio stations,under the Radio Africa Group, Kiss 100 FM and Classic 105 FM do not have websites.They do not have active blogs and profile blogs on their presenters.

Neither do they use Twitter actively. Nor do they have official online streaming of their shows.

They chose one form of media that works and stuck to it…Facebook.

They work solely with Facebook Pages for specific programs, and this is web presence enough for them.They do talks and interact with their target audiences, and direct any interaction and traffic to their Facebook pages. 

Carol Mutoko’s page on Facebook has 29,000 likes. Strangely, this is trumped by capital FM. The page is simple and uses no HTML plugins or extensions and sticks to basic Facebook features.

What it does however is focus on relevant content directed to relevant audience. The conversations and information posted are at a personal and intimate level, whereby the listener is interacting with Carol and her life, on the station and off.

As a result when you drill down to page activity on posts and conversations, Carol’s page has by far more comments, likes and view than Capital Fm’s page.

capital FM on the other hand have directed their news feed to their wall post, which results in any new posting not being considered as “Hot” by people.



Capital FM are known to have taken social media full on. In any New media expo,conference and demonstration,Chris kirubi’s  Capital FM is always mentioned as the banner for exemplary use of social media in the corporate field.

They have embraced web, Twitter and Facebook, and in all forms have used marketing, management and profile enhancement methods.

The Facebook page itself has also integrated splash graphics on the left of the page.

These are their stats:

Capital FM Facebook page Over 111,000 likes
Capital FM Twitter Handle
Over 7,300 followers


In my opinion Kiss FM have trumped Capital on smart, efficient and economical use of social media.

They chose one area where their target market reside, and created a personal relationship with them.

They have not spent on labor, design,hosting and related costs of employing a pervasive social media strategy.

While I agree that they lose revenue due to an absence on knowledge of their contacts and other details, they have focused on what they need to do and are doing it.

Capital on the other hand have intensive spend and administration on social media for a small niche market…I am certain they are making their investment pay.



  1. Interesting look at social media and how ‘traditional’ media is (not) adapting! Looks like Kenyans like it more personal.

  2. Good post but I beg to differ. Capital FM has really utilized the web making it an ‘international’ radio. Kiss/Classic could be ruling the nairobi airwaves but they shouldnt be so comfortable to ignore the current trends (everyone is going online). they have to bank their future on the web if they are to remain profitable. looking at capitalFM website, u will quickly point out that it is a revenue source to reckon trailing the league of nation media(online) judging from the many adverts. this is also significant in maintaining listeners’ loyalty, capital presenters are more connected to their listeners via social media hence the 111000 likes

  3. On the contrary, @uncutminds, my point is relevance to target market. Capital has targeted those with the capacity to utilize social media tools to the max, which is a small niche; though with high spending power. Kiss, in my opinion, is targeting a different demographic who, presently cannot access the intricacies and fads within social media tools, and so are using the tools that best reach them. I believe they both know their market and are reaching them effectively with the level of tools that their targets are at.

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