Trillian vs Digsby is as simple as asking PC or Mac.

When you look at it, PC users are in institutions, corporations, in the office. On the other hand, Mac users are predominantly in the arts and social sciences;journalists,DJ’s, musicians, NGO folks.

Trillian by Cerulean Studios  and Digsby by Dotsyntaxare both desktop instant messaging chat application aggregators.

They let you access most of the popular instant messaging services like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat in one place. However there are some clear differences in how the solution is presented.



Trillian is clean and polished, it is the kind of interface you can work with in an office environment that accepts social media. Its logo is a Chrome squirly, lope-sided figure 8 with blue dot in the voids. ( Blue as you may know, is the colour of social).


Digsby on the other hand has a logo with a green dude in a green cap. Definitely not suitable for the accounts department.


UX ( User Experience)

For both applications, you need to create an account with them, to unify your interactions, and to enable you get into them offsite from the web. Both applications can be accessed from web, mobile and desktop apps.

However, Trillian targets to make its money from the third party applications, you have to purchase the I-pad, I-phone,Blackberry and other applications.

In keeping with user interface statistics on the F zone, like most chat applications, they both pop notifications on the right side of the screen.

However, Digsby Keeps a colorful tab on the right of the screen, with the multi-color icons of all your service providers, making it very flashy.

For both apps, you can enlarge to the middle of the screen for an in-depth chat.

Digsby takes the standard approach of presenting your buddies and conversations, maintaining an active list of who is online and offline, with the normal red-green-yellow of active busy and away.

It lists them all and then shows new conversations as they come.

The good thing with this is the aspect of familiarity, as it uses standard IM features making it easy to use. At the top, a search bar allows you to use a drop down menu to list all friends, available, offline, and such, and further allows you to search for people.

Trillian on the other hand maintains the ubiquity of most applications, going with the chrome polished look on all conversations.


The little robotic like sound that dings a new message sounds simple and clean, it taps you lightly and draws your attention to the new message.

I like how Trillian allows one to have a quick reply, in the pop up of the new IM, ignore the IM and answer it later, or click on it to bring the conversation up in the middle of  the screen.

The cool thing about how the conversation on full mode appears is it features the two conversing parties either side of the pop up page, beginning with the initiator of the chat, and writes the persons statement in a voice bubble.

All this done in unobtrusive chrome, making it cool, yet still un-flashy.

Trillian also places the search bar at the bottom of the box, but lists your messaging and collaboration tools as mail, social, then contacts. When you click this, a second feed appears next to the first to the left, allowing you to choose your interactions.

For both, you can always hide them in the menu bar.







All these IM aggregators offer deeper features when one goes pro.

This generally means taking a swipe at the  the native solutions from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and on the higher scale, SAP, IBM,Cisco and Oracle, who offer fully fledged enterprise Unified Communication capabilities that are hard to match.

So, for personal use, if you are in the arts or social sciences, Digsby is the application for you; If in the corporate office, Trillian.


5 thoughts on “TRILLIAN VS DIGSBY

  1. Thanks warero,

    I used Trillian for years before I switched to Pidgin and now with all the fancy social network integration, I prefer Digsby. They are all great tools.

  2. I honestly think this is one of the stupidest reviews I’ve ever read. Digsby has colours, therefore it’s not suited for a corporate environment? That’s pretty much all you’ve said. Are you five years old?

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