POC: Solution Marketing Concept

The Proof Of Concept is sheer genius.


Imagine a solution marketing concept that allows the user to experience a solution practically in the first person to get an intimate personalized UX for a limited time frame, gives the user the option to buy at the end of the period, gives the solution conduit an opportunity to earn extra income off his main product, and garners you, who is in control of the solution, more product sales and more depth and long term marketing due to personalized UX.


I saw this at the Aria Hotel, Las Vegas.

When one checks into the hotel , one is assigned an iPad to use. This iPad is preconfigured with an application that synchronizes with the hotel’s services.

You enter your particulars at check in and it welcomes you.

As you get into your room, the same iPad is interoperable with the TV, allowing you to schedule, book and order hotel services ( Shuttles, gym, excursions, tour offers,spa, this list is endless) through your hotel profile. It is hooked up to the mini-bar : RFID technology allowing near real time update of your bill on the iPad and TV.

So as an end user, you get in depth user experience of the device as you are using it practically for uses that are personal and important to you.

By the time you are checking out of the hotel, you are so connected to your iPad you do not want to leave it behind. As security of course, your card is on hold.



So what if you had an option to buy at the end of your stay? As a solution provider you can first be offering the iPad as a solution to the hotel (thus billing them) then sharing with them some of the revenues on sales of the product.

Classically most product demos are stuck at the expo and walk-in shop style, which doesn’t give one an attachment to the solution being provided. You hear a regurgitation of marketing hype, and if this is good enough for you, you buy. For the discerning buyer this is hardly enough. This is why as a standard, in high value projects the POC (Proof of Concept) is mandatory.

It is an expansion of the freemium model rife in the software industry.

The freemium model allows one to experience the basic features of a solution with the hope that once the user gets plugged into the service, he will eventually upgrade to premium.

Now think IDM, Internet Download Manager.

The POC concept allows one to experience full features and get attached to the device or solution being offered and getting a first hand view of the solution from a position where he or she needs to use it, but for a limited period of time. It leaves the end user yearning for the product.It however does not work for all products or solutions:

  • Works for high end solutions.A story is told of a car salesman who made his greatest sales ever during the market crash, by taking his most expensive cars to golf clubs and allowing the high value clientele to test drive and interact first hand with the vehicles, a concept then unheard of.
  • Works with high quality solutions. If your solution is bugsy, this concept can win you more enemies than clients.

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