Possible Misconceptions: Amsterdam


  • Nice KLM thermal blankie. Almost took it with me.
  • Well, Schiphol Airport is not exactly Amsterdam, is it, I mean, I don’t see a weed corner somewhere, I definitely looked for it. Smile  Saw the Marijuana merchandise at several shops though.
  • This is one bloody huge airport.
  • COOOOOOOLD! EXTREME COLD! I hear it got to –20 and below some days back.
  • What language is this that these people speak?
  • Walkscalators!DSCN0858
  • The duty free shops are legion! Makes me wanna bust my Mpesa Prepaid card.DSCN0862
  • Thanks Mpesa Prepaid Card. Never leave home without it. International shopping just got easier.
  • Stuff is not necessarily affordable just because it is duty free.
  • Europeans dress well. Both male and female. The standard male look, white shirt, Black woolen/faux wool jacket, dark trousers, loafers or boots. Female, I don’t know what they call all those things. just saw lots of dark woolen jackets and ankle boots.
  • No one looks you in the eye.
  • All white people own a black North FaceJacket. It is mandatory.
  • Is everyone on Apple? Does everyone own an iPad, iPhone and a Mac Book? At least everyone in this café is on Apple.
  • Are these Bose Noise cancellation headphones being dished out free?
  • What a sunrise.
  • I now know what TSA stands for. Totally Searched Allover.

2 thoughts on “Possible Misconceptions: Amsterdam

  1. hehehe, walkscalators!! When an airport is that huge and you have an hour to connect to your next flight you wish they dished out jet packs at the exit gate. Welcome back

    1. Si those Old people trykes are starting to become normal…jet packs are just the next logical progression! 🙂 Thanks. See you soon!

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