Possible Misconceptions: Seattle


  • Feels weird. We’re like the only two black people at the airport arrivals declarations. All the folks I saw on the plane, Biko Adema, That other rugby player and That DJ from Crossover,definitely heading out to rugby. See you later in Vegas!
  • TSA…
  • The Rocky Mountains are so close. This place is high altitude.DSCN0887
  • Seattle’s whole economy is driven by and around Microsoft.
  • Bananas taste different.
  • The sun is not warm.
  • Everything looks grey. Guess its winter. Feeble me. Didn’t know winter stretches into February.
  • All cars are either deep maroon, dark silver, deep blues,grey as in dull metallics. No white cars, weird. Only the odd specialty enthusiast with a unique car has unique paint.
  • The ratio of good cars to the general populace? Jo’burg has hotter cars
  • “February Any Five, Five dollar, Five Dollar Foot Loooooong…” silly Subway ad is sticky.
  • Time flies when you are working hard.
  • The internet is fast at corporations that pay premium for it, as is anywhere in the world. I just thought there would be free Wi-Fi everywhere.
  • Hotel internet is surprisingly pricey. 15 bucks a day? Glad our package included it.
  • Eco Room, this is becoming pretty standard huh.
  • Cable. Information overload. Too much choice, hence you choose nothing. I think this is what Aldous Huxley warned us of in “Brave New World”.
  • Technologies shaping the future of machine-human interface, input and output A) BOSE VIDEOWAVE TECHNOLOGY. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HOME ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE! B) Voice active Automated Customer Care. Machine listening and saying “ I didn’t get what you last said, kindly repeat” We don’t have this yet. This and other Siri type things. C)Microsoft Kinect D) Microsoft Surface E) True 3D imaging
  • Mainstream electronics are not necessarily sooooo much cheaper, when you factor in shipping and other factors, the cost of goods make sense. The variety though on a single product group, is mind-numbing and the choice lets you have what you need if you know what you need, at lesser cost.
  • I have come to like bowling.
  • There is no dust in the USA. I have not had to polish my leather shoes once.
  • You press a button at the zebra crossing aka crosswalk to activate the walk don’t walk sign…interesting.
  • There are so many brands, its almost like good quality is ubiquitous, other intangible factors come into play on choice of product.
  • Great building standards! Loos for kids and short people.
  • In most public restaurants, a notice in the restrooms that it is a requirement for employees to wash their hands.
  • Streets are so straight, its like the cities are built on a grid.
  • Skywalks (aka flyover) across busy streets. Wow. Cool.
  • I like how the trees on the sidewalk are all tied up in lights that light up at night, the streets look so pretty.
  •     DSCN0894
  • DSCN0902
  • Don’t care what you say, Americans haven’t tasted Coffee till they come to Kenya. That’s some pretty nasty stuff people drink in the name of good coffee. Kenya has the best coffee in the world. Hands down. Yeah that Brazilian stuff is ok, but ours has body and flavour.
  • Didn’t get any Sonics Regalia. Then again I’m not into basketball.
  • Met some incredibly amazing people this week, incredibly accomplished yet incredibly down to earth.

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