Pamela Jelimo is back! Kapsabet express is back! I watched her reclaim her 800m and was glad.

Where was this girl, where had she disappeared to and why was her performance so bad? What was wrong? Why does she fluctuate so?

Sad thing is,no one can really answer those questions.

Unrelatedly, I was looking through Kiva, the world’s first lending platform, an organization who’s sole focus is loans to MSME’s in developing nations targeting the very bottom of the pyramid.

The base target is the small business and microfinance hungry market, as the logical progression is that the top of the pyramid will only grow if the bottom has purchasing power.

The web is rife with different flavors of initiatives of investing in third world countries.

In a separate tangent, I saw an ad on CNN for

It is a portal with global golfer profiles, like a social network for global golfers, where you book, schedule and play in different courses, benchmark your handicap against others, you get the drift.

Then it hit me,


Ok the name sucks.

The idea doesn’t.

It is a fact that for the longest time, we have been seeking a definition of what it is to be Kenyan.

najivunia kuwa mkenya

Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya? Brand Kenya? Mkenya Halisi? The Kenyan National Dress? When government itself drove a search for a glocal identity? (New NGO word I learnt from my NGO world cousin Philo.)

The spirit of a nation is carried in the pride of its people.

Our athletes are the most irrefutably consistent bearers of our nation’s pride.

Kenya’s athletes are the best in the world.

Yet there are very many talented athletes without the support they need to turn them into international stars.

There is no shortage of athletic meets, across the globe, through Asia, the Americas, Europe.

Yet the world records stand unbroken because the breaker is fighting the wind herding cattle.

Lets have an athletes foot portal.

Lets track the profiles of future Jelimos,Bekeles,Tergats, Kiptanuis etc.

The portal lines out their training programs, their needs,their coach, transfers,training teams, movements, racing meets.

The athlete receives crowdsourced investments with the general public investing in shares of the athlete.

It is a true investment, payable with interest.

This allows the athlete to have a following, with whom she or he can communicate through new and old media.

It generates interest in budding athletes and we as a populace begin hoping in our own stars instead of tracing LeBron James, Tiger Woods et al.

It uplifts the athletic profession as a career, not the subsistent creature it presently is,with responsibilities and demands to meet, answerable to Kenya as a people.

In the public is engrained a sense of ownership, a culture of belief and goodwill and sparks entrepreneurship and a go getting attitude, a national spirit that binds the people together.

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