Brand Kenya- Kenya House

Brand Kenya seems to lack ideas on how to market this country out there.


If NOW is when they are thinking about accompanying our athletes,and having a Kenya stand at international athletic meets…

*shakes head*

Our athletes are one of the most recognizable and identifiable aspects of Kenya, besides Barrack Obama, the Maasai and our wildlife.

This Kenya House concept should not limit itself to the athletes but broaden out to our world class netballers and powerful rugby safari sevens boys.  It should go out to any positive representation of our nation on the globe and beyond.

Did you know for example, that two weeks ago, a group of Kenyans won an EMMY?

An Emmy is to the visual, film and theatre arts what the Grammys are to music, what the Nobel Prize is to contributions to humanity.

Did you see it anywhere on the news? In the media? No.

If you had any ambitions of getting famous in Kenya, I think you would better give it up, if a guy can win an Emmy and not be famous…

*Shakes head again*

Back to the topic.


Are there marketers within the province of Brand Kenya? The powerful PR minds that created some world class corporate campaigns? Do you really want to be a cheapo about branding a country?

ok, then, take the easy route. instead of hiring the best minds to brand the country, do what everyone seems to be doing nowadays.

Conduct a business plan competition. Have the winners ( like 20) of the concept have a stake in the implementation of the line concepts.

They would be very pleasantly surprised.


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