Las Vegas Strip

  • Welcome to Las Vegas!
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  • The only city where I’ve seen with slot machines at the airport.
  • Note the goods carousel behind the Wheel of fortune! Win some cash as you wait for your luggage.
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  • This is not a desert. I didn’t go to the edge of it to prove it, how can I prove it’s a desert? Its not hot, there’s water in great wastage everywhere, its cold both day and night, how in the world is this a desert?
  • Where is the dust? There’s no dust in this town! This is supposed to be a desert but there’s not a speck of dust anywhere, and I’ve been doing a lot of walking around!
  • DSCN1175
  • I’ve seen one way it could be a desert, deserted of boredom! THIS is the city that never sleeps, not New York. Fortunately I will have the opportunity to disprove this later.
  • Going to Vegas on a rugby tip is cool and nice, Kenyans are pretty crazy.
  • Correction, All Rugby people from all nations are mad.
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  • How to end up as a silly reddit meme: All blacks holding up an All Blacks flag.
  • It was a bit unpleasant to see Kenyans solemnly sing the star spangled banner, and sing the Kenyan National Anthem like a dirty rugby chant.
  • On the flip side, some innovative Kenyans were outside in the Rugby village selling Kenyan Samosas. HELLO BRAND KENYA WAKE UP!!!!!
  • I felt more Kenyan than Kenyans I was with, I have never felt more Kenyan.
  • Kenyans in the diaspora party harder than Kenyans in Kenya, period.
  • I got so many silly questions from Kenyans in the diaspora I almost made a separate “stuff Kenyans in the diaspora say” post but spared my kinsmen. Comments like “…So how do you live with the corruption…Why would you go back to that country…Do they still hire illiterate ministers?..How did you get here…”
  • As for the women, “Kenya is the factory, the diaspora are the rejects.” Not my words, quoted verbatim from a diasporan.
  • It would be great to go to Vegas just for Vegas and not for an event. I am certain it’s a totally separate experience.
  • All women dress up in short dresses. Do not go to Vegas without your best minis ladies. Or else be prepared to shop for some.
  • Everything happens on the strip, this short 1000 metre burst of hotels interconnected to each other.
  • You can walk everywhere, else you can rent one of those quad carts.
  • For some hotels it was like you get into one and you keep going in and out till you are at the end of the strip! its like done on purpose so that you never get out or you never know when its day or night, just the flashing lights…
  • Vegas is not as morally decadent as the famous phrase “ What happens in Vegas…” insinuates. Or maybe its just me.
  • Vegas never sleeps. Did I already say that?
  • I had never seen an escalator on an open street.
  • DSCN1182
    • Wierdos and extremely talented people in the streets…
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  • It feels as though everyone is a tourist here, everyone is from out of town, everyone has a camera and is all over the place clicking away, marveling at all that’s around them, this is such a comforting feeling for a distant traveller like me, like there’s no way I could do anything wrong that could displease the natives and get ejected since everyone is a new. Strangers Together!
  • That is with the exception of the droves of hispanics who seem to have all the jobs in Vegas. The Cabbies are interesting though,from all over the place, though I was warned about the Ethiopians,they intentionally ask you whether you are from around not coz they are making small talk but so that they can double their fare. Hey. Don’t shoot the messenger. I was just told.
  • In general in and around the strip, or if your hotel is slightly off the strip, don’t let them make you pay more than 20 dollars.A twenty is sufficient.If you’ve made friends with one with whom you are making many trips, he may even drop you off with ten.
  • I saw only one female cabbie.
  • Couldn’t come to las Vegas without checking out the Latin nights! Las Caras Lindas! Las Noches calientes!
  • DSCN1412
  • Majors calientes!
  • DSCN1415 
  • This is where I shoulda gotten married…LOL072
  • The entertainers. So many shows to go to, so little time…
  • Homer, I thought Id meet you in Springfield, not in Vegas! I’ll look for you later in the East Coast!
  • DSCN1349
  • Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!!!!!!
  • DSCN1358
  • Braveheart he is. In a skirt on such a cold night. I envy him not.
  • DSCN1343
  • Vegas cured my fear of gambling and slot machines. Not that I’m now a gambler, just that I don’t see gambling as such a SIN and VICE and EVIL. Try staying in a place where slots and tables are everywhere you turn for a couple of days.
  • Roller coaster almost on the street, like in the middle of the city..eish…
  • The hotels, the flashing lights! There’s no way to describe the lights!
  • The hotels are amazingly beautiful. The service may be iffy, but the hotels are amazing.
  • HOTEL INTERNET IS BLOODY EXPENSIVE! When booking a trip to Vegas, try and ensure it includes internet in your room, or else you will be charged an arm and a leg for it.
  • Talking about arms and legs, 15-20 bucks a beer, 20-30 for cocktails…are you kidding me?
  • I am used to asking for variations of sweet or dry reds or whites…And kept being told “ We only have Merlot or Cabernet”
  • Here is where I discovered 5 hour Energy. And I really needed it too.
  • Arrow Roots and Sweet Potatoes. Seriously I never thought I would see these at the grocers but voila! Here they are!
  • Its clear I didn’t do anything constructive in Vegas. If I wanted construction, I would have gone to Dubai!
  • Oi…how could I not throw in a Hard Rock pic in here?
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  • Made sure to go to all the famous hotels from the books and movies though, one of the oldies, The Palacina, has been redone in amazing white marble. Super beautiful.
  • DSCN1374DSCN1373
  • MGM, Trump,The Majestic,Monte Carlo The Hard Rock,Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and of course, where the George Clooney Ocean series of movies were shot…
  • Believe this or not, this is not the sky but a fresco type thingy in Planet Hollywood. More mind devilry to keep you spending!
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  • I am afraid this post could go on endlessly, but Vegas is total madness. Some stuff has to stay in Vegas…the Xrated stuff is too stiff for this post. Smile 
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  • I regret- Not going to see Celine Dione at Caesars Palace.LOL.Right.
  • The post ends with a sense of incompletion, just as any trip to Vegas would be, wishing for more…




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