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I’ll admit it: reading books about writing always makes me feel a *little* like I’m cheating, because when I’m reading them, I *feel* productive, but am not actually getting words on the page, and also because although I’m reading, I’m not taking a chunk out of the massive To-Read list (and by list, I mean stack) I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s so easy to feel like “A Writer” when I read books like these–the same way I feel like “A Writer” when I chat writing with other aspiring authors, sit on convention panels, and/or read blog posts about writing (like this one! OOO! Self-reflective!). None of them get words down on the page, despite all the warm-productivity-fuzzies I get from them.

I’m also extremely picky. There are a million and one books on How To Write out there, and in this realm, all are most decidedly NOT created equal…

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