• Another tram in the airport. this seems to be pretty standard.
  • these walkscalators and escalators…but for the distances, they’re necessary.
  • So dark and dreary and gloomy. No wonder suicide rates are so high these sides.
  • I’m told the dreariness is because it is winter, dead trees, dead hearts.
  • Media overflow. Actually, everything overflow. spoilt for choice till choice is spoilt- one  can’t choose nothing
  • Seven remote controls on the table. sululu.
  • There is no yearning for congregation with masses, silos everywhere coz of the overflow of what to do until there is nothing to do. Nothing matters much as everything is trying to matter.
  • Consume consume consume!
  • Credit credit credit.
  • Bought a wallet with a money clip, makes total sense. It wont make sense in Kenya.
  • There is no complete product in America, everything has add-ons! Buy something cheap, told it needs three more add-ons.
  • Bought chips (crisps) and was convinced to buy the Dip and Salsa that go with it. *shakes head* halepinios sijui what.
  • Thought electronics would be cheap…there is HUGE variety, but price is the same
  • Perfume cologne is cheap! In comparison to .Ke prices
  • All cars seemed to be coloured grey, deep blues and the occasional deep maroons. Hardly any whites.Other colors like yellow and green were for people with weird/unique (read expensive) cars
  • Strange winter…I”m not freezing
  • Alcohol at the liquor store is damn cheep…What I thought were THE BRANDS are lost in the world of multiple choice.
  • This whole lining up to get in thing at clubs…This would never work in Kenya,its crappy, after waiting 15 minutes to get in, only to find its emptyish. And we left people standing outside. NKT
  • Guys pay serious mulla for interior décor. Or is interior décor here cheap. donno.
  • Alcohol is DAMN EXPENSIVE in clubs! wa! 15 bucks for a beer?
  • These roads are damn good! travelling 400 km feels like going to Rongai from CBD
  • These cops seem nice. Though everyone seems scared of State Troopers.
  • I can see lots of smiles, but nothing in the eyes.
  • The stores, man you  seriously need that “find my car” IPhone application. Huge. and those Mall Racers too to boot.
  • The internet is fast but I am not like shocked, I think I have experienced faster. I still have to buffer Youtube videos. Though now that I notice, I’m streaming full HD vids!
  • Loved the pier, the fresh seafood, the curly fries! Met some friendly people too. Leaving just as I get cosy… Sad smile 

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