Microsoft Hotmail Is Going Metro (But Won’t Be Called “Newmail”)


Microsoft Hotmail is getting a makeover. At least, that’s what some leakedscreenshots are showing. The service, which today is still branded under the “Windows Live” umbrella, is going to be slimmed down and simplified, giving it a  Metro-style look and feel.

The details were obtained yesterday via Microsoft enthusiast site LiveSide, and they’ve now amassed a whole collection of screenshots showing the new Hotmail in action. In the photos, the service is oddly branded “Newmail.” (“Get a Newmail email address for your new inbox…” reads the welcome message, for example.)

What, “Newmail?” Not not to worry – Microsoft isn’t attempting to rename its webmail service yet again. (That whole “Windows Live Mail” thing never really panned out, you know). “Newmail” is just a placeholder, we’re hearing, so you won’t be signing up for email addresses anytime soon. WHEW.

The folks at LiveSide note that Metro UI is…

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