The ENHANCED Equation

Thee Average Guy

My old equation read:  Evernote + Egretlist = GTD

My new equation reads:  ( Evernote + Egretlist ) x The Secret Weapon = REALLY GTD
I stumbled across this while reading one of my favorite blog’s (tabletproductive) most recent posts: “How I Stay Productive With Technology” on my iPad Feeddler App.  This blog really helped me further refine my integration of Evernote and my GTD system through use of the TSW – The Secret Weapon (
The biggest epiphany since my last post and reading The Secret Weapon was a transition from folders, even though I only had less than 10 folders, to tags for my project list.  I now only have the following four Notebooks:
     0 Inbox – for processing
     1 Action Pending – for getting things done
     2 File Cabinet – for easily searchable reference materials
     3 Completed – for all items and tasks that are closed

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