Here’s to the SME’s

Here’s to the SME’s.

This is for you. For all the laboured sweat you have put into your business. The time.           The investment. The sacrifice. The faith and belief in what you have set out to do. The tears. The credit. The disdain. The small awards. The client acknowledgements.The client dissent. The pats on the back by those that are touched by what you do. The slaps to the face when the debtors came calling.


This is to you who built his business on a proven concept. With real, not imaginary clientele. Yet the investment firms don’t want to see the red in your bank statements.       The bankers say you are too small and ask for more collateral. The donors and the grant awarders say you are too big and fund M-vitus.


Just think. Every time the East Africa Top 100 companies list comes out, about 90% of those companies, most of them have never been heard of. They solve real business problems.     They are never in the media, hogging for attention. THEY WORK. Now add 900 other SME’s that were in that survey, but didn’t make it to the top of that list.

This is for you, urging you to hold on.

A warm vote of thanks to the government bodies for the amoral support. Thanks to the banks for the chokehold on assets. Thank you oh VC’s and donors, for funding Mvitus and      tu-apps instead. To the media too, who choose to focus on sexy personalities and “initiatives”.


The greatest painting, arts,music and discoveries were made under sustained pressure.Pressure makes Diamonds. Pressure makes oil. Pressure makes every precious thing we have in this world. The pressure is on you.


Here’s to the SME’s.

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