Why You Must Karaoke!

I recently had a conversation with Lucy Macharia of Crystal Edge Advantage on skills and talents.

She said something very interesting. She said a study carried out recently showed that every individual has at least 300 talents. Imagine. 300!

That’s some daunting stuff right there. We typically hone and try to monetize what we believe are our best talents and trash the rest.

She said something even more compelling.

 There are more valuable things in life than monetary value.


Now think about that again. Our talents can help us make money, save money  and solve problems.

There are ways in which our talents will be of value to our lives in a non-monetary manner, directly or  indirectly. If you have a talent in dance, bargain-hunting, dressmaking,song, writing, making pots,mobile phones,comedy & humor, anything, these things can come back to you and build you beautifully in ways you never knew possible. You do not necessarily have to directly monetize the skill.

Lucy told me about how she is good with colors and hues. She can tell small hue changes we never notice. She thought this meant she was confined artistic, and thus  she got interested in drawing, painting and art. which she did very well.  Very precise drawing. Beautiful stuff.

But she was also into IT. Flash-forward a couple of years. She is now  a technology engineer with Nokia. How in heaven would she ever use her art?  She never thought she would.

Until she decided to build her home. She saved herself a fortune in architectural and home décor costs, most of which she did herself. Oh and she doesn’t have to take her kids to the salon, she does their hair herself.

I saw the truth in these words when I was in a professional training course some weeks back. First I would like to say that I love singing, and I Karaoke as often as I possibly can. So we had a group exercise, and since we were a large group we had to use microphones to communicate.

I scored very well as I had stage presence and I used the mic confidently and audibly.

This, just because I Karaoke.

Moral of the story, your talents serve you in many many ways, directly and indirectly.

So do not throw away your talents, hone them equally, whether they seem to be of monetary value or not.


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