I detest the service industry in this country.

It is truly revolting.

I write this in a fit of fury at a hapless and witless waitress. “She who angers you controls you..” runs through my mind and I feel silly. Doesn’t stop me from writing this post all the same.

I mean like seriously, I walk into this coffee shop right, and on the walls there’s like free wi-fi poking into my eye every side I look. I was not looking for Wi-fi. I had had more than my days share of the internet and my eyes needed to rest themselves on more than just my computer.

The waitress comes over and  for future reference I ask for the wifi key. Chick starts with a long list of regulations, how she cannot possibly give me the wireless key unless and until I have purchased something.

Clearly I looked like a cheapskate. I must learn to dress up a bit more. In my minds eye she sized me up, then sized me down, and concluded I wouldn’t warrant her attention, least of all a cup of coffee.

She was probably just doing her job. I still took it personally and ordered the most expensive coffee on the menu and told her I did not need her Wi Fi key.

Only when I walked out is when I realized I’d been had.


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