Theater & Performances: Three Fold Cord, Jul. 6-21 2012 @ Phoenix Players

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Phoenix Players Present 3 Fold Cord.
Directed by Millicent Ogutu

Dates: Runs until 21st July 2012.

Tickets: Ksh. 650. Student nights Every Thursday. Buy 1 ticket @ Ksh. 400 and get 1 Free.

Marcus Pennington appears to have it all: a beautiful actress wife, Victoria, two loving daughters and a successful career as a respected senior lawyer. But behind the façade he is leading a triple life, romancing two other women: Dexie, a prostitute, and Millicent, the widow of his best friend, now his PA. In a series of highly engaging monologues, Victoria Dexie and Millicent tell Marcus’ story from three very different perspectives.

Preoccupied and detached, Victoria is seemingly oblivious to his indiscretions – and guilty of her own, but regards him with fond indulgence. Shy, Self deprecating Millicent can’t help but be taken in by the promise of romance and passion that was lacking in her marriage…

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