Are Smart Phones Making Us Dumb?

I’ll let the father of the internet take this one.

Who’s the daddy?

Does it seem to you that humanity aims to botch up every single great invention that’s created?

Nikola Tesla envisaged electricity being used positively. The first thing that was done with AC Current was to put a man in the electric chair. Of course we all know that that was the evil plan of the greatest douche of all time, Thomas Edison.

Tesla envisioned moving pictures, TV and Cable. About a hundred years later, the idiot box was born- instead of being a tool of emanation of wisdom, knowledge and truth, of distance learning and education,  its about keeping up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore. Oh and Big Brother.

Then came the internet.

The builders of technology solutions on the most part aim at productivity, however the end use is almost always consumer entertainment.

I am certain when Vint and co were mapping the internet, they thought of education and deep science as the main use of the internet: We chose porn.

In the video above, Vint asks us to think critically about automated information, to criticize what our applications and GPS are telling us and use the tools as bases of information just as we used books, and use our minds to think, interpret and refine the information.

Google revolutionized search: we deleted our brains. They still want us to believe that search doesn’t rot our brains.

Whatever he says at the beginning, he’s still worried about the net effect on cognition and attention spans. This is at the WEF ( That means World Economic Forum, get your mind out the gutter…)

Do we even have knowledge-based arguments any more, or do we just say “ Lets Google it”?

Then the Smart Phones came and we halved the half of our brain that was left unrotten from the Google searches, helping us Google from anywhere, and rot our minds any time we want.

The creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, said we use phones as a second brain.

Do we ever even memorize phone numbers any more? Can you think of how many phone numbers you knew say, ten years ago, and how many you know now?

The annual increase in the smartness of our phones is inversely proportional to the our memory. We might not necessarily be idiots in the classical sense of the word, but we definitely do not remember stuff anymore, its been passed down to our gadgets.

Instead of freeing up our memory for more important workloads, we free it up for more porn, games, IMDB and Kardashians.

Have you ever seen people using iPads and Samsung Tablets to write notes at an Apple or Samsung conference? At any conference for that matter? People still carry and issue pen and paper for notes. Business cards don’t seem to be going out, despite Poken.

The technology and code that took man to the moon could fit in a Floppy Disk. If you don’t know what this is, feel free to…um…Google it. yet our gigabytes and terrabytes of storage capacity are filled  with larger and larger movies and entertainment content. I don’t think we’ve been back to the moon. Too busy watching the idiot box.


Of smartphone owners, 68% open only five or fewer apps at least once a week, finds a survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Seventeen percent don’t use any apps. About 42% of all US adults have phones with apps, Pew estimates.

More and more people with smartphones know less and less of how to use them.

Looking at these historical facts, I believe it is extremely wrong to project that in our future we will be doing lots of Mobile Learning and productivity on our super smart computers the size of iPads.

The past tells us that we will only invent new sins in new scenes ( I only recently heard there was such a thing as Sexting) and find new ways to destroy our brains even more in our increasingly mobile world.

The digital convergence is here my friends.

Talk about a trifector. Kim Kardshian Googled her butt (on an Apple iMac no less) and finds that people think its fake, then, xrays it to dispel it. Tsk Tsk.


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