GTD’s 6 Horizons of Focus

The David Allen Method of Categorization:

GTD for CIOs

David Allen uses the altitudes metaphor for describing the different levels of defining what your “work” really is. Even if we have some of the lower levels in control, there are often incomplete and unclear issues at higher levels that need to be addressed to really get it all under control and experience “mind like water.” He categorized “work” into six levels, or horizons of focus:


This is the ground floor – the huge volume of actions and information you currently have to do and to organize, including emails, calls, memos, errands, stuff to read, stuff to file, things to talk to staff about, etc. This is where you break down each project and decide what is the next action and make that your runway.

10,000 level (Next Actions):

This is the inventory of your projects – all the things that you have commitments to finish, that take more…

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