GetJar Shifts Focus From Distribution To Discovery And Commerce, As Its Virtual Currency Hits 50M Users, 60% Of Revs

Get Jar…The birthplace of Mobile apps!


You may know GetJar as the largest independent, cross-platform app store, and one of the largest distributors of Android apps outside of the Android Market. With more than 2 billion downloads and some 150K+ applications, the company continues to grow. This is thanks in part to its “open” model, which allows third-party app makers to distribute apps for most of the major mobile platforms. Getting there has been no small feat, considering the app store competition includes such boldfaced names as Google, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft.

Not being tied to any phone or carrier allows GetJar to support over 2,300 handsets, giving it scalability and allows developers to quickly deliver their apps to market. Yet, while you may know it as an app store (after all, that’s how the company describes itself), GetJar has begun to transition away from this — with its distribution channel playing a…

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