Badges Beware: 80% Of Gamification Apps Will End Up Being Losers, Says Gartner


After hype cometh the fall. Gamification — the catch-all term for rewards, incentives and loyalty services — has become a verypopularway to get users engaged in an increasingly noisy world of apps and online life. But Gartner says in a new study that many of the apps using the technique are becoming noise in themselves: by 2014, 80% of all gamified apps will fail to do what they’ve set out to do, the analyst house predicts.

So what’s the problem? According to Gartner research VP Brian Burke, who has been looking at gamification techniques with Brian Blau, it boils down to bad design: companies/developers get fixated on bells and whistles like points and badges, while not creating meaningful enough motivations and objectives. Without the latter, the former become meaningless.

This doesn’t mean it can’t work, or that Gartner thinks gamification is a non-starter: “I’m positive on gamification overall…

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