CourseTalk Launches A Yelp For Open Online Courses And What This Means For Higher Education


One of the most popular topics in education technology these days is the subject of MOOCs, otherwise known as “Massive Open Online Courses.” Thanks to the buzz around MOOC platforms like Coursera, Udacity and edX, there are few universities and colleges that aren’t currently struggling with whether or not they should hop on the bandwagon.

Whether or not you’re long or short on MOOCs, it’s clear that, in the near term at least, they’re here to stay. However, as colleges, universities and more begin toying with open online courses and an increasing number of students and learners take to their virtual lecture halls, the signal-to-noise ratio has the potential to get pretty unfavorable. It’s for this very reason that Jesse Spaulding decided to launch CourseTalk.

The former trader and serial entrepreneur tells us that his interest in MOOCs was spurred after taking a couple of open…

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One thought on “CourseTalk Launches A Yelp For Open Online Courses And What This Means For Higher Education

    Lists MOOCs and other college like courses but almost all courses have a CourseBuffet subject and level#. For example which course are equivalent to Computer Science 101, management 101, etc.

    With one click users can hit the CourseBuffet course level icon and see all the courses that are near. equivalents from a range of providers. No more trying to figure out what Udacity course is a near equivalent to a specific Coursera course, or Saylor, Venture Lab, edX, etc course.

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