PowerPoint is not eLearning

The Ninth Event

Quick and dirty rant:

I find it disturbing that a central feature of just about every eLearning development app out there (Captivate, Lectora, Articulate) all have as a central feature the ability to import from PowerPoint. And not that there’s anything wrong with this, but they all use that same slide deck style UI metaphor. It’s a fine metaphor to use, but it’s a reminder of where their values lie. Perhaps this is more telling of the industry in general, that there is too much demand for page-turner courseware and not enough awareness of what quality courseware design and development can deliver.

Personally, I’m more interested at this point in learning and using tools that are more targeted toward specific development tasks like web coding, screen recording, and html5 animation (as opposed to Flash), so that my skills are more future-oriented and nimble rather than platform-dependent. Someday I’ll put together…

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