You’ve got mail …

Get it. Write.

a burkina faso mailboxMy favorite folder in my Inbox isn’t my Inbox. It’s my Junk folder. That’s where my best email ends up.

Where else can you go to find a good woman (Russian brides! Cheap!), the means to keep her satisfied (Canadian Viagra! Cheap!), and all the free and easy money you’ll ever need to fly to Siberia and sweep her right out of the arms of the Russian mobster who has her chained to a laptop in an Internet café.

You don’t believe me, do you.  Here, in all of its absolutely uncensored, uncut, unedited, un-spellchecked splendor, is my latest ticket straight to the tippy-top of the 1 percent. Read on and weep:


My Dearest,

It is with profound respect and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration. I hope you will spare some of your valuable minutes to read the following appeal…

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