Sharpen Writing Skills Dulled by Autocorrect!

I posted last week, a link to Office gamification game Ribbon Hero 2.


Here is another game that will take your word-processing prowess to new heights.



The grading game is a cool game of the First Person Tutor genre, (Get it? FPT?)

You are a teaching assistant and you work is to grade and  fail students, for which your college debt is marked down.

You have few seconds in which to read through and X out typos, grammatical errors and the like, the stuff which copywriters, sub-editors and editors eat in their sleep.

If you are in the news, media, ad, legal and copywriting industries or just want to undo the damage that autocorrect has done to your written English, this is the game for you.

It is out on iOS for all your iDevices and you can play the web version HERE.

FPT: Grading Game


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