Consumer Advocate Legal Update

In late January, at least four separate class actions were filed against Subway alleging that company’s advertised “footlong” sandwiches are not really a foot long.  One class action was filed in Philadelphia state court, one in Illinois state court, one in New Jersey state court, and one in New Jersey federal court.  Each class action alleges the same or similar facts claiming that Subway advertising misled consumers into believing they were purchasing a 12-inch sandwich when in fact they measured an inch to a half-inch shorter.

The lawsuits are result of a picture of an 11-inch sandwich an Australian man posted on the internet that soon went viral.  In response to the controversy that was created by the picture, Subway Australia issued the following statement on its Facebook page, which has since been deleted:

With regard to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, ‘SUBWAY FOOTLONG’ is…

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