ICT4D – Can it be envisaged outside the modernity discourse?

Technologically Speaking

I recently completed my course on Information Communication Technology (ICT) for development which I found insightful and from which I learned useful skills and also developed new perspectives. Coming from the education field, I was a little oblivious of the role of ICT in other key development areas such as health and general community services. However afterwards I read Robin Shields’ text on ICT for education in the context of Nepal and developing countries in general, and it was sobering. I now reflect on my learning experience of the course juxtaposing with Shields’ thesis in his article “ICT or I see tea? Modernity, technology and education in Nepal”.

Courses on ICT for development are based on the discourse of the role of ICT in achieving developmental goals, especially for developing countries. This field is complex, combining areas such as data, information and knowledge systems, physical infrastructures, software and hardware computer…

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