It may seem pretty obvious, this which I now state; Download is dead.

This is very clear in cities in which 3G and 4G is availed,and highspeed triple play connectivity is looped to homes.

There have been, for me, some pretty unique challenges to this development.

The first is User Habits.

Ownership of content used to be a big deal. It isn’t any more.
User habits around ownership and control have been significantly redirected by services such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix and of course, Youtube. ( Did you know that there are full movies on Youtube? Search: “Full Movie” and enjoy)

I’m not even talking about purchasing of physical media. We will soon no longer deem it necessary to purchase and download content, but rent it streaming.

The next item is Storage.

You will note that in the last few years, though processing power and graphics cards and general computing power has increased, the gigs on offer have stagnated,nay decreased.

The focus is on powerful databases such as Hadoop, and server side applications with minimal on device storage.

When you check out the state of online gaming for example, though the size of gaming has increased, the gameplay, the sheer masses of people online simultaneously is mindnumbing, all this with very limited local capabilities.

The biggest challenge is in ownership. As download battles are being fought in the courtroom, and the landmark ruling allowing for ownership of books downloaded being made ( which ruling has similar ramifications on other content forms) the focus now shifts to the agreements and regulations on streaming of content.

Direct to Market

This is a new and interesting field,varying from outright rights buyout to percentage shares.

What we are seeing however is the wonderful new world where content creators are getting direct interaction with their profits, with as few middlemen as possible.

As badwidth increases, businesses are having to rethink, adapt and change their models of existence, exceedingly.

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